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Why Ready Feeds ?

Livestock producers use ready feeds because they require quality assurance combined with the most effective mix of materials specifically designed and processed to make their complete, supplementary or premix feeds, as appropriate. The quality assurance comes from the feed manufacturer’s ability to purchase large quantities of consistent materials and apply the latest technology in formulating and producing the most efficient feeds for all kinds of breeds. The laboratory tests required at every stage of the manufacturing process become more detailed and sophisticated with time

The ready feed manufacturers’ success is measured by the flock or herd productivity year after year and competition within the industry to produce the most cost effective feeds for that purpose is fierce. Today’s live stock is bred to maximize the quantity and/or quality of product required and that potential simply cannot be fulfilled without the input of highly specialized ready feeds.

The modern ready feed industry combines quality, accuracy, dependability, advanced nutrition and technological innovation in the most cost effective products possible.