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Why Wheat ?

Wheat is the main cereal used in grain milling for the production of flour. It is a major food source, supplying most of the body's daily energy requirements and also a high proportion of its protein, fat, vitamin and mineral requirements. Statistical studies have shown that one half of the energy requirements of the average person in developed countries is supplied by bread, whereas in some underdeveloped countries this proportion increases dramatically such that most bodily energy requirements are obtained from wheat products. On average, 100 grams of bread provides between 269 and 290 calories out of the overall daily average requirement of 2500 calories.

Unlike the other major cereal products of maize, rye, sorghum and barley, wheat flour has physical and chemical characteristics suitable for making live bakery products. Compared to most other cereals, the cost of wheat is considerably lower, which deems it more appealing to a big range of end consumers worldwide.